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Pillager beast gets stuck everywhere



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 18w45a
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      Seed: -5214688869891616108
      x: 150 y: 73 z: -27
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      Pillagers spawned out of nowhere so I've started following them on spectator mode and they get stuck everywhere. They are trying to climb super high mountain where the edge is smaller than Beast's hitbox so it always falls down, even though they could have gone around it, when they had to cross the water they started spinning, could not have figure out how to go down the cliff and started spinning at the edge and so on. Each time they required player's interaction like breaking a block below the beast to make it fall down. Now, what happened on given coordinates is the Pillager Beast got stuck under the tree, probably because path finding mechanism is only searching for 1x1 path that pillagers won't fit in and keep jumping. In fact it haven't destroyed the leaves because it could not have made a jump. Sometimes after the beast makes it through the rest of the pillagers can't keep up

      I know it's not an easy task to code a good AI but I have some suggestions to solve this problem:

      • Make Pillager Beast immune to fall damage just as Iron Golem and let it ignore the height smaller than ~5 blocks
      • When it had been detected that pillager beast fell down (fall damage event used in last point should do) make the rest of the Pillagers recalculate the path to the Beast
      • If it is detected that the patrol is not making any progress for quite a while, let them pick a random point within their view field (by calculating rays to the nearby blocks maybe) and set it as a temporary target. After they reach the temporary target, recalculate the path to the first/primary one and let them try again. That should prevent them from getting stuck on cliffs
      • If it takes too long to climb up, make the beast destroy some dirt
      • It they got stuck because of the tree, make pillagers cut it down.
      • Patrols should avoid water because the beast is swimming very slow
      • If the player is not looking and the pillagers are too far apart, teleport them somewhere near the beast

      Also please prevent the Beast from making sudden moves, because when it spins like that it looks like it's not that heavy and it breaks all the magic. Thanks


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