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Unlocking the explorer maps trade from Cartographers massively increases the ms per tick and essentially kills the world


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    • Minecraft 18w45a
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      Trading with Cartographers works fine until you buy an empty map from them which unlocks the explorer map trades, the game will essentially freeze and the ms per tick increases massively. All you can really do is place and break blocks, you can't spawn or interact in any way with mobs, commands don't work. Chunks will not load and unloading the existing chunks will leave you unable to load them again. You can't leave the world as it'll get stuck on the "Saving world..."  screen indefinitely, and you have to force close the game via Task Manager or some other option.

      I need to make it clear that it's not a crash, it just makes the world unplayable as I presume the ms per tick increases so drastically the player is unable to do anything. In my testing, the world breaks indefinitely, have not tried waiting longer then 15 minutes on the world for it to fix itself. Sometimes the game will catch up for brief moments before the same thing happening again.

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