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Crossbow Appears Loaded if Loading is Stopped Prematurely


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    • Minecraft 18w43b
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    • Java build 1.8.0_181-b13

      Windows 10 Edition 64-bit
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      How to Replicate:

      Terminate crossbow loading just as the crossbow sprite in the hotbar shows the string stretched to its fullest.



      One arrow/firework is consumed. The crossbow appears loaded but does not play the final "chunk" sound of an arrow dropping into place, and does not shoot the arrow/firework entity when you right-click.

      Even if your last arrow/firework was consumed by this bug, the crossbow can still be drawn and the bug repeated; if you draw the crossbow fully, the arrow/firework entity can be fired successfully.


      Image is after the bug has occurred and consumed the last arrow. It shows a crossbow being drawn despite there being no arrow.

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