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Turtles dropping bowls when killed by lightning bolt is hardcoded


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      The bug

      Turtles intentionally drop bowls when killed by a lightning bolt (see MC-125562). The problem is that this is implemented in the code instead of with a loot table. This prevents us from removing this drop, which might be necessary, for example when creating adventure maps.

      Apparently loot tables currently do not support most of the criteria which exist for advancements, including checking for the damage source. Maybe it would therefore be a good opportunity to change this

      How to reproduce

      1. Verify that turtles drop bowl when killed by lightning
        1. Summon multiple turtles
        2. Set up a command block which constantly makes items invulnerable, otherwise the lightning bolt might destroy most of the bowls
          execute as @e[type=item] run data merge entity @s {Invulnerable:1b}
        3. Spawn a lightning bolt near the turtles
      2. Look at the loot table of turtles (loot_tables_/entities/turtle.json)
        It does not contain an entry for bowls, which means they are hardcoded

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