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i managed to TP out of world border and can't get back. no hacks involved



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.13.1
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      world border, outside of world border.


      mostly a chat blockage issue.
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      I was testing to see where the new 1.13 world border was on a world I had since 1.7.

      I meant to type 40 mil, 99, 40 mil. my finger slipped and I typed 40 mill, 99, 340 mil. and the problem is, the teleportation worked. I am not trapped in a crash loop in my 4 year old world because chat has no TP block limitation.

      used to, you couldn't tp past 30 mil out, chat blocked you.

      the bug is that the block did not work. I can't get back into my game long enough to TP back because it just kicks me. I even try to go back to 1.7.10 to see if a version shift would push me back into the world border but that does not work either.

      this issue exists on 1.13.0 but that is not an option here so, oh well. I don't know how far back in versions the issue goes either


      mind you, this was done in vanilla Minecraft, no mods, no cheats, no exploits, no hacks. it was just a simple finger slip that lead to a game breaking glitch.


      if I could be given directions on how to fix this. I have not made a back-up of the world to reload from and I can't move my player back within the world. how would I Fix this because I DO NOT want to delete my oldest world due to a finger slip.


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