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Falling into the void in the end world made me respawn in over world broken. Could not change game mode or open chest…



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.13
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      Windows 7 64bit
      Java .. not a clue \O.o/
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      Exploring the end world I was using pearls to go places but ended up falling into the void.
      I respawned back in the over world but right away had issues. As I was miles away from the portal I tried to teleport to the over world location. Nothing happened. I could not open a chest and could not change game mode. Very much broken. Reloading the game from the game menu or completely reopening the launcher dose not fix the issue as it restarts you falling in the void in the end world. So from this we can conclude that it doesn’t even save your position in the over world.
      I tried very quickly changing from survival mode to spectator just as the game loaded to try to fly out of the void but its to fast to do such. To note the game has cheats off, and such modes are obtained by opening to lan and enabling cheats.
      So seaming stuck in an endless death/crash with nope hope to break out of it – been trying over and over.
      .. only I got out of it and I don’t understand what the hell happened. Just waiting about 15 minuets on the games loading screen and the problem has apparently cleared. But what on earth?

      So yeah reporting this one.

      Note the game was started in the previous version and updated. I also can’t find treasure on beaches in new chunks on this map, but I think that’s a known issue.


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