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End cities in 1.13 not spawning or spawning only partially



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.13
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      I see a few similar reports from pre-release versions that are marked as fixed. I am in 1.13 and searched for hours upon hours for end cities in multiplayer. I finally loaded the same world in singleplayer spectator mode and eventually found a city, 2500 blocks (and many long void-crossings) from the city "gate" portal. It looked like a large city, but when I eventually made it there in multiplayer survival, it was cut off, leaving only one narrow slice of one end wall intact. I have looked at chunkbase's end city finder, and it certainly appears that end cities should be MANY many many times more often than they are. And the city being cut off is clearly a bug which is not repaired at all.

      I have found only one more city so far in spectator mode, and it appears intact, as the first one did. It is another 2000+ blocks away from the first one. When I make it there in survival, I'll let you know whether it's cut off like the first one.

      ETA: both cities I have found are in the (-X, -Z) quadrant. I have not searched as much in other quadrants, though, so I can't say for certain whether the bug preventing cities from generating in other quadrants is back or not.


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