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Structure_Block and paintings


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    • Minecraft 1.13
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    • Windows 10 - 64 bits
      AMD quad
      8,00 Gb,
      java 8
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      When loading a structure (using my resource 'paintings') for some reason 'SOME' of the paintings either break and don't hold when loading or in this case they shift position.

      You can see in the screen shot a church in the distance and one in the foreground.
      The one in the distance is the church i saved and you can see that the clocks on the tower are placed as they should be.
      On the loaded (foreground) church you can see that the clocks have shifted up and to the right by one block. This happened on the south and west faces of the clock tower.
      This first started happening inside houses i have built so i kept changing things (pictures) until everything stayed where i placed them (even if it's not where i actually want them). I had to adapt. For the clock tower i can't adapt because the images need to be in the correct place.
      I think this is a bug but appologise if it is not or has already been covered (links please).


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