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eyes of ender + locate command


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    • Minecraft 1.13
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    • Java windows 10

      no addons

      E3-1220 v2

      16GB with 6gb allocated 

      GTX 670

      java 1.8.0_51 64bit
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      I've noticed that the locate stronghold command and the eyes of ender sometimes miss the closest stronghold and target a different one. I originally found this bug creating hundreds of worlds to find one with a stronghold at spawn upon re-entering the word /locate stronghold was showing a stronghold 2000 blocks away instead of the true value 100 from spawn same with the eyes of ender missing the nearest. The portal is present in the stronghold at  -37 20 25 on this seed -5059174659287489048 but not locate-able with eyes/commands

      Screenshots below showing correct and incorrect values (my own bug fix for the correct image)


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