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Visual glitch when going under sea level in 3rd person on land


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    • Minecraft 1.13
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    • Windows 10

      Java version 8 update 181

      Intel Core i5-7200U

      Intel HD Graphics 620

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      When going up/down in a man made/naturally generated (e.g. Village Wells) hole that's filled with water and is NOT in an ocean/river biome the ground above sea level goes invisible in 3rd person mode when the Y coordinate is around 62. I discovered this while playing survival and going down a village well, but I tested it in in creative too on some other seeds and it seems to always be the case.

      To replicate: dig a small hole (2x2, 1x1), make sure it crosses Y=62, fill it with water, go into 3rd person view and go down it. Another option is just to use the seed I discovered this on:-2270710549463717159. The village is at -267 258.

      I also tried this in ocean and river biomes but it seems to work fine in those. 

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