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Cant return from the end after defeating dragon


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 18w31a
    • Minecraft 1.13
    • None
    • MacOS High Sierra, 16GB memory,  Java 1.8, Single Player non server world.


      seed: 4873613235747845350
    • Confirmed

      (I was able to get the game to recover after by waiting for about 5 minutes (I was able to exit the end successfully).  I did confirm the bad behavior on my laptop as well).

      After killing the ender dragon and coming back through the end portal – I can't open chests or get blocks I break and throwing an ender pearl has no effect (but has a weird animation see picture one)  When I save and quit and restart I get a replay of the "joining world" text and placed back into the portal room in the over world (this is where I slept last).

      The nether portal I have in the portal room does not work and jumping back into the End Portal places me in the lava underneath (but I don't burn) – Quitting and Saving and restarting just places me back to the "joining world" (as if I just jumped into the end portal in the end) and back into the portal room in the over world.  I performed a full reboot of my system as well.

      One other detail, I was saved one time during the battle by a totem of undying.

      I'm currently unable to play unless I restore from backup from when I converted to 1.13 this morning.

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