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Help command is not paginated


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre6
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      The bug

      The outputs of the /help command are no longer paginated in the new command system. This has benefits and drawbacks; all commands are on one page, but in the case of chat and other messages, the items at the top can be quickly obscured.

      Granted, the new command suggestions completely make this a moot point, but for users who have them disabled, the help output would be useful.

      Steps to recreate

      1. Launch 1.12.2 and type /help, observe the output.
      2. Launch 1.13 and type /help, observe the output.
        Both do the same function but in different ways.

      Previous output

      New output

      Possible solution

      This would likely have an impact on the help command itself, to distinguish page numbers from command literals. Perhaps /help, /help command <command>, /help page <page>, and /help page <page> command <command> could remedy this issue.

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