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1.13-pre5 "Invalid button in gamepad mapping"


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre5
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    • OS: Windows 10

      Laptop: HP

      Java version: Version 8 Update 151

      (more info in attached screenshot)
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      Launching the 1.13-pre5 snapshot crashes before the game even starts. I screenshotted the error and will be attaching the crash report and launcher log, as well as a screenshot with more information about my laptop

      What's strange is that the error only pops up for 1.13, and 1.12.2 runs just fine. Also, I was playing it late last night/this morning (until around 3AM to be exact) and it was fine then. Launching the game through Steam fixes the problem so I can play, but opening the launcher by itself and then trying to run 1.13 causes the game to crash

      I'm playing an unmodded version and do not have my controller (a Madcatz CTRLr) connected, although the driver program is running for it (which I can't exit and starts on its own, but causes no issue with other programs)

      I did try restarting my laptop, as well as exiting Steam completely before launching Minecraft in case the control mappings there were messing it up, but neither had any effect.

      I tried googling and searching here for the bug, but didn't come up with anything- apologies in advance if this error has been reported and fixed already 

      Thanks for your time!

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