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Chunks can not be loaded sometimes, and others will be loaded


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    • Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 1.13-pre3
    • *playing minecraft 1.12.2 survival mode,stay swampland* advanture
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      what chunk high cannot loading

      Put the summary of the bug you're having here

      I went to the swamp adventure, but after I rowed there, some blocks (height) could not be loaded (16 grids).

      What I hope to happen is...

      Completely load the chunks and take risks in the marshes

      What actually happened is...

      The Chunks cannot be loaded, sometimes it is close to a little stealth after loading, sometimes high latency occurs.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. go far away (no more than 490 squares).
        2.looking at the chunks, the height does not appear, and a "collision box" appears.
        3. the chunks has been loaded outside, but the height of the chunks is not yet ready.
        4. stealth chunks, after the delay is finished!

      Sometimes, this vulnerability will collapse if you try.Sometimes FPS is low, and 60% of the people (most) appear.

        1. loading bug.png
          loading bug.png
          993 kB
        2. load].png
          147 kB
        3. do not loading.png
          do not loading.png
          919 kB
        4. cube block (Hidden).png
          cube block (Hidden).png
          112 kB
        5. chunk bug9.png
          chunk bug9.png
          559 kB
        6. chunk bug7.png
          chunk bug7.png
          549 kB
        7. chunk bug5.png
          chunk bug5.png
          473 kB
        8. Chunk bug4.png
          Chunk bug4.png
          439 kB
        9. Chunkbug4.png
          405 kB
        10. chunkbug3.png
          128 kB
        11. Chunkbug2.png
          423 kB
        12. Chunk bug10.png
          Chunk bug10.png
          519 kB
        13. Chunkbug.png
          374 kB
        14. Chunk's load bug.png
          Chunk's load bug.png
          541 kB
        15. cannot load.png
          cannot load.png
          437 kB
        16. Bug chunk. ocean Y=63 not load?.png
          Bug chunk. ocean Y=63 not load?.png
          503 kB
        17. Bug-....png
          289 kB
        18. block missing.png
          block missing.png
          550 kB

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