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Block walls (Chunk boundaries) and vulnerabilities outside the boundaries(dark outside block)



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.12.2
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      chunk light problem

      When building the countryside, I found a loophole in brightness. At the end of the block (16x256x16), I built the brightness of the torch and so on at 13 locations in the block, but the blocks after 16 did not embellish brightness.
      What I hope to happen is...
      After the torch is placed, there is brightness outside the block.

      What actually happened is...
      The torch is at the boundary of the block (not the world boundary), away from 4 places to build the torch. You will find that the brightness is stopped and dark.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. find a dark area
      2. the block boundary (F3 + N) in the dark area
      3.A square with a luminance (for example; a sea crystal lamp).

      4.You will find that the brightness of the outside is not updated ,only the brightness inside is updated

      The following screenshot can prove the Bug

      Yes, this is my first report. Fix this loophole, thank you Mojang. (sorry I didn't learn English, I'm Chinese).


        1. bord bug (Dark).png
          bord bug (Dark).png
          423 kB
        2. Chunk_Light bug.png
          Chunk_Light bug.png
          524 kB
        3. dark.png
          434 kB
        4. Darking.png
          482 kB
        5. darking chunk_2.png
          darking chunk_2.png
          657 kB
        6. darking chunk_3.png
          darking chunk_3.png
          421 kB
        7. darking chunk_4.png
          darking chunk_4.png
          263 kB
        8. darking chunk_5.png
          darking chunk_5.png
          909 kB
        9. Darking chunk_6.png
          Darking chunk_6.png
          488 kB
        10. Darking chunk_7.png
          Darking chunk_7.png
          893 kB
        11. Darking chunk_8(testing outside).png
          Darking chunk_8(testing outside).png
          626 kB
        12. darking chunk_9.png
          darking chunk_9.png
          1011 kB
        13. Darking chunk.png
          Darking chunk.png
          634 kB
        14. faring.png
          482 kB
        15. giltch.png
          368 kB
        16. giltch light.png
          giltch light.png
          238 kB
        17. i in mansion setblock torch (open F3+N).png
          i in mansion setblock torch (open F3+N).png
          447 kB
        18. outside.png
          808 kB
        19. outside chunk bug.png
          outside chunk bug.png
          491 kB
        20. wall endworldborder lighting bug.png
          wall endworldborder lighting bug.png
          297 kB

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