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Testforblock Replacement Doesn't Work or Give an Output


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre3
    • Windows 10, Java 8
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      When I was trying out the new testforblock command replacement in 1.13-pre2, I set up a scoreboard command, which would track a piece of endstone, and when it was broken, it should decrement the scoreboard by 1 and replace the block. These are the setup commands, with their command block types:
      (Impulse, Unconditional, Needs Redstone) scoreboard objectives add nexus dummy Testing
      (Chain, Unconditional, Always Active) scoreboard players set Blue nexus 75
      (Chain, Unconditional, Always Active) scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar nexus
      I've been messing around with the setup, and the setup commands work fine. This was just helping me to track if it was working.
      Now, here are the main commands, again, with the same organization:
      (Repeat, Conditional, Always Active) execute unless block 0 238 19 #end_stone run scoreboard players remove Blue nexus 1
      NOTE – with the #end_stone part above, it doesn't make a difference in this case whether the "#" is there or not. Now, the command block chained to it:
      (Chain, Unconditional, Always Active) setblock 0 238 19 minecraft:end_stone replace
      When I was testing around with the setblock command, that wasn't the problem either. I traced it all the way back to the execute part of the repeating command block. The main problem: The execute part of the command will not give an output. It won't give an error message either. I have given all the commands, and it would be much appreciated if this could be fixed.

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