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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre2
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    • My operating system info:
      Windows 10 professional version build
      Intel Core i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz
      Intel HD Graphics 4400
      60 GB Harddisk
      ddr2 ram
      java runtime environment 2 update 45 64 bit
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      I was about to explore the dessert temple and this happened.
      The image shown bellow is that i actually was going to explore the dessert temple.
      another second thing is that i actually go near to it it becomes invisible?

      and when i break a block it just render it but still some of the terrain is invisible?
      when i tried to adjust my render distance it just render it back to normal?

      All the image i used was using snipping tool to get it

        1. Rendering 1.PNG
          Rendering 1.PNG
          368 kB
        2. Rendering 2.PNG
          Rendering 2.PNG
          585 kB
        3. Rendering 3.PNG
          Rendering 3.PNG
          835 kB
        4. Rendering 4.PNG
          Rendering 4.PNG
          24 kB
        5. Rendering 5.PNG
          Rendering 5.PNG
          688 kB
        6. Rendering 6.PNG
          Rendering 6.PNG
          412 kB
        7. Rendering 7.PNG
          Rendering 7.PNG
          135 kB
        8. Rendering 8.PNG
          Rendering 8.PNG
          694 kB

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