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Key "Doubling" when opening text box input GUIs


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre1
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    • Linux 64bit
      8GB Ram
      Default JVM Arguments
      Launcher 2.0.1005-dev-linux (Non-java launcher)

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      When you press a key that opens a GUI, like 'e' for inventory,

      and that GUI opens with a text box, like the chat box, or creative search box.

      the key you pressed to open that gui will sometimes be typed into that textbox.

      E.g. when pressing t for chat, sometimes t will appear in the textbox,
      or pressing '/' for command input will sometimes double up to make "//" appear.
      or, with creative with search tab selected, pressing e for inventory, sometimes the e will appear in the textbox

      It's not a "ghost" character, the inserted character acts just as if you typed it.
      It is not consistent.

      Only tested the Creative inventory and the chat/command box.

      happened with both a PS/2 Mechanical keyboard, and a USB Slim keyboard

      This did not affect 1.12(.2)
      This did affect some of the 1.13 snapshots

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