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no state changement in nether with out block breaking and block posing



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      i was try to make a never mine diamond challenge, A.E only use diamond find in dungeons, ships, stronghold nether forteressetc, when i go to the nether, there some weird things appear
      nothing change in the netherĀ  without block breaking and block posing, i take no damage, no hungry, cannot eat, don't able to get blocks i breaked, i cannot go back to the overworld across the portail, even i change graphic preferences,(1st and second video) the only way to break out this situation is make a save, however the save and quit option is so laggy that minecraft crashed, and this is not a problem due i record or a material problem, because it happened before i begin the record, my ram is pretty free and cpu was used only 30% indicate task manager, so this should be a bug
      as you can find in the third video, back to the game after the crash, all things become normal, but as you can notice, my coordonnes in game was changed with this quit-reload i was on an orther coord than when the game crash
      that is pretty annoying the fact of the attachements cannot exceed 10 mo, i made a lot of test, so there i put a google drive link to the attachement because they are respectivly more than 400 mo, more than 200 and more than110
      there are various video because the win 10(xbox) record system makes a save each time i'm going to an orther window




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