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Game crashes while opening



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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre1
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    • Windows 7 Ultimate x86

      4GB DDR3 Memory

      1TB HD

      Intel HD Graphics 1GB video card

      Intel Celeron J1800 @ 2.41GHz processor

      Java 1.8.0_171 32 bits
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      When 18w22a came out, I was going to try it out like I always do, mainly to take a look in the performance updates. For my surprise the game just crashed, and then i decided to wait until 18w22b. Now I tried it with the first pre-release of 1.13, and then it crashed again.

      I used the "Most recent snapshot" profile in the launcher, also tried creating a new one. When I click the "Play" button, the game opens, but it crashes while loading. It wasn't supposed to be a big problem, but the launcher doesn't open again when the game crashes, so the only thing I have is the log.

      My game never had problems in snapshots before, so I can't tell what is going on. All the main points I can tell is:

      • The game crashes before showing Mojang's logo;

      -The launcher disappears when opening the game normally and crashes when opening the game with the launcher open;

      • The only information I can get from the register is this line: "Skipping bad option: streamPreferredServer:";
      • No crash reports, only the latest log.

      I hope you fix this, I am excited to play 1.13. The log is here with the post.





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