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java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive



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      What I expected to happen was...:

      I was on a Mushroom Island (our starter base and worldspawn point) and got into a boat to drive to a nearby jungle.

      What actually happened was...:
      At last I saw a ship ruin - I was not really far away of my shore.
      After a short time I got kicked. Error message was something abnut "server connection.."

      I have checked the Server and it was was shut down (restarting), because of game crash (see crash report attached).


      Seed: -273854083221815966


      Steps to Reproduce:

      I can reproduce this. Everytime we or one of us tries to swim with a boat to the jungle biom from mushroom biom (see picture attached)

      1. starting at around coordinates x +1260 z -2176
      2. jump at shore into a boat
      3. drive toward jungle biom (see picture) (coordinates: x+2483 z-2091)

      4. connection lost / server crash after short time driving in boat - I could see my shore. Was not far away. Unfortunately I could not write down coordinates. Server crashes now after I relog again.

      And I cannot relog, I am not in my boat at relog. When I swimm just a second, the server crashes again. (see second crash report )

      When I relog and jump into the boat, the server crashes too.
      No chance to play.


      Other info: same error and java exception error I got yesterday with snapshot 18w20a (see crash report 15.05.2018).

      We made it to this jungle. and the server crashes on our way back to base (mushroom biom - see screenshot).

      We had to do a backup. And when we do not leave our chunk all works fine....

      Attached seed picture and the actually crash report from 16.05.2018





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