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boats becomeing submarines


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    • Minecraft 18w16a
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    • java 7 windows 10 1gb of ram
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      What I expected: when i place a boat underwater and get into it it will sink with me in it or float up to the top.

      What Happens: I managed to make a submarine and started boating under the water at the same speed and without rising or falling in the water.

      Steps To Reproduce: go to an ocean biome go underwater and place a boat above your head and then hop right into it the boat before it start falling will not rise or fall and you will be able to boat through the water like a submarine. and when you get out the boat will stay under the water and not sink or float you are able to refill your air bar as amazing as this feature is with being able to boat underwater with the dolphins diveing on you this is a bug but this could be turned into an amazing feature
      PS. i am unable to export screenshots of this or video so if anyone can reporduce this feel free to add the pictures.

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