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Cartographer villagers don't always give maps and more


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      The cartographer does not give you a woodland mansion map, and once you've traded with another cartographer enough to unlock the ocean monument map, if you try to unlock it with a new one, it does not work. This may have to do with how the /locate command now works, (this is just my theory, by the way) because now, rather than searching the whole world, it only searches a close vicinity, and since you can't have repeats when using maps, the cartographer version of it ignores all that already have maps and searches for new ones, but only in a close vicinity now, and if it can't find a new close one, you just can't have any more maps unless you move the villager closer to one, but the point is to find one you don't know the location of! This bug is very annoying and it defeats the point of the woodland and ocean explorer maps. I hope this gets fixed soon

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