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Breathing bubbles flickering if in air pocket underwater


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    • Minecraft 18w10d
    • Windows 10
      Java 8
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      While swimming in a river I used a bucket to create a stable 1x1x1 air pocketPicture 1 (probably another bug) underwater. I tried to refill my air by putting my head into the pocket.

      What I expected to happen:
      My breath slowly refilling, bubbles going to maximum.

      What actually happened:
      The air bubbles flickered around, then they get removed (as if you were submerged in water). After a short amount of time I drowned.

      How to reproduce:
      1. Go to a river/ocean
      2. Set your gamemode to survival (not creative)
      3. Create a stable 1x1x1 air pocket underwater two blocks above the river/ocean floor like in Picture 1.

      How to make the air pocket: (Gif)

      • Take a bucket
      • Hold down right-click (use bucket) and move your mouse up and down fast (as I do in the gif)
      • the bucket takes water and gets emptied immediatly, then the watersource that would flow into the air space gets taken up again --> no new blockupdate

      4. Stand in it pay attention: your head must be in the air pocket and watch how you drown. (video)

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