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    • Minecraft 18w09a
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    • Windows 10
      Java 1.8.0 build 144
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      Recently, I created a superflat world with random seed (I used the Overworld preset). Then, I saw a jungle temple. I don't know is it normal or not. But, I think it's kinda weird having a jungle temple in overworld.

      Then, once I got inside, I saw the trap bug. The first trap works normally. But the second one... the redstone dust seems weird

      Here's the information I get:
      Seed: 2131420311386682155
      X: 215
      Y: 64
      Z: -231

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a new world
      2. Change the gamemode to creative.
      3. Go to more world options.
      4. Paste the seed I given.
      5. Change the world type to superflat and click customize
      6. Click the presets
      7. Select overworld
      8. Click done twice and hit the create new world
      9. Look around and Ta Da!

      If you wanna see mine, look for the attachment named "Test.zip"

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        4. Test.zip
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