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Inconsistent ID names for certain blocks, items and entities


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    • Minecraft 18w08a
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      The ID name of a few blocks, items and entities isn't consistent with the translated name or the ID of another form of that object:

      Blocks and items

      • mob_spawner should be spawner
        • Consistency with block name, which is more correct as spawners can actually spawn any kind of entity
      • melon should be melon_slice
        • Consistency with item name
      • speckled_melon should be glistering_melon
        • Consistency with item name
      • melon_block should be melon
        • Consistency with block name
      • experience_bottle should be xp_bottle
        • Consistency with entity ID name and xp_orb
      • prismarine_bricks_slab should be prismarine_brick_slab
      • prismarine_bricks_stairs should be prismarine_brick_stairs


      • commandblock_minecart should be{{ command_block_minecart}}
        • Consistency with item ID name
      • ender_crystal should be end_crystal
        • Consistency with item ID name
      • evocation_illager should be evoker
        • Consistency with entity name
      • fireworks_rocket should be firework_rocket
        • Consistency with item ID name
      • illusion_illager should be illusioner
        • Consistency with entity name
      • snowman should be snow_golem
        • Consistency with entity name
      • village_golem should be iron_golem
        • Consistency with entity name
      • vindication_illager should be vindicator
        • Consistency with entity name

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