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LWJGL Isn't being clear about this.


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    • Minecraft 1.12.2
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    • OS X El Capitan, Latest Java version (I just updated it).
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      Hello, this is a ''Duplicate''. but I have no clue if you knew that the ''original'' was solved like it wasn't your problem. I think this is absurd. Allright, to the problem.
      If I run in minecraft, the game thinks I want to right click. I know this is a pease of software in Aple, and that is why you said: "ctrl-click = right click" is now handled by LWJGL, rather than Minecraft. I don't know whether LWJGL exposes any configuration for that.''
      But LWJGL isn't working out, I've been searching around the internet looking for something about the program but there's nothing that is for a 14 year old kid like me, I mean on youtube the first vid: ''Let's Make Flappy Bird! (LWJGL 3 / OpenGL)''... Im not asking for that, Im just asking for a simple keybind redirecting program...
      Please give a well response and dont think ''Awh a new ctrl-click=right click. Im just gonna LWJGL FIXED IT!''.
      Sorry for not being nice, but this is the kinda picture youre giving me right now.

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