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'/execute rotated' uses sender rotation, not context rotation


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      The bug

      When you put multiple /execute rotated commands after each other, it will always only use the last /execute rotated command.

      How to reproduce

      Use the following command:

      /execute rotated 0 20 rotated ~ ~20 run setblock ^ ^ ^10 stone

      This doesn't set the stone block based on the rotation 0 40, which you would expect it to do because 0,20 + ~,~20 = 0,40, but instead it sets the stone block based on the rotation ~ ~20.

      Note that this is inconsistent with positioned, which correctly uses context rotation, as can be observed with this command, which will place a stone block 10 blocks above 741 56 -339, and not 10 blocks above the player running the command.

      /execute positioned 741 56 -339 positioned ~ ~10 ~ run setblock ~ ~ ~ stone

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