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Teams on sever (1.12.2-18w02a) empty when i log off leaving only me on the team



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    • Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 18w02a
    • vanilla minecraft server 1.12.2-18w02a
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      Something very strange is happening in my sever since 1.12.2 and is an ongoing issue in the latest snapshots too. I created a team on my SMP sever which consisted of my friends and some mobs. The idea was that this is the only reason i opped myself to do commands and then after setting our team i would deop myself and from that point on it would be classic survival gameplay- no commands etc. however when i logged on later i had to once again op myself and redo the /team command as the mobs on my team had gone hostile- in fact the game has appeared to have forgotten that i set up a team and only had me in the team and nobody else- so basically the team automatically emptied when i left. in 1.12.2 the issue was even worse as when i ventured further away from my team, the game slowly forgot they belonged on my team- so i returned to my base only to have to redo the old /scoreboard teams join command- this also occurred when after coming back from the nether. PLEASE solve + examine the issue please.
      To recreate:
      -set up a team that consists of yourself and one or more mobs, best use neutral/hostile.
      -IF IN 1.12.2 walk over 100 blocks or more from said teamed mobs or go to the nether (or end) and come back.
      -Or just log off and shut down the server fro some time.
      -Upon return these mobs will no longer be on the team and will be hostile once more.




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