• Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 17w50a
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Environment:
      os: windows, java: built in version, mc version: 17w50a, specs: thinkpad X1, 8gb ram, no graphics card
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      When I loaded in a new world in the 17w50a snapshot, and did "/locate" and teleported to a some of the structures, I noticed that some of the walls were missing. (more specifically, the walls of the end cities and the mansions.)

      • The mansion was especially messed up, as the walls were missing, but additionally the stairs are not rotating properly, and the windows were not generating properly.
      • For the end cities, the wall were not generating properly. (I will get some screenshots for you, when I get back on my computer.)
      • Note: I have looked at multiple worlds, and they still don't generate properly
      • Note: I made all the worlds in an empty directory (created a new folder, and that's the directory), so it might be because there was no proper save data there.

      And for one last problem, for you guys to fix (sorry) when you do "/locate temple" you can get the coords for a witch hut, a jungle temple, or a desert temple. The fact that you can get the coords for a witch hut is really bugging me, also that you can get coords for different things (that's my OCD for you)

      How to reproduce:
      1. Generate new world in 17w50a
      2. Do "/locate mansion" (without the "")
      3. Teleport to that location
      4. Look at the amazing structure generation
      1. Generate new world in 17w50a
      2. Go to the end (use "/setblock" to get the end portal block[without the ""])
      3. Do "/locate endcity" (without the "")
      4. Teleport to that location
      5. Look in awe at the great end city structure

      If I happened to have missed anything, please tell me and I will attempt to fix that.

      Thanks for your time


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