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An enormous graphical duplicating custom recipe bug.


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    • Minecraft 17w49a
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    • Java 6-9. Windows 7.
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      Well, I was messing with crafts in vanilla and then this happened:

      At first, after crafting the totem of undying (i tried both 2 and 1 totem of undying) all recipe components duplicated (but only graphically), after touching any of them they return into a normal state.

      Here is the code, that I used to create the recipe:

          "type": "crafting_shaped",
          "pattern": [
          "key": {
              "#": {
                  "item": "minecraft:emerald"
              "O": {
                  "item": "minecraft:observer"
              "E": {
                  "item": "minecraft:end_stone"
              "N": {
                  "item": "minecraft:nether_star"
              "R": {
                  "item": "minecraft:redstone_torch"
          "result": {
              "item": "minecraft:totem_of_undying",
              "count": 2

      The recipe is called totem_of_undying.json

      I created it in Sublime Text program.

      Then I placed in in the directory C:/Users/Татьяна(My Russian Username)/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves/My datapack testing world/datapacks/multivanilla_plus_plus/data/uncraftable/recipes
      (I was doing it all while my minecraft was open)

      Then I executed a command /reload and it gave me the error in chat:

      Duplicate recipe ignored with ID uncraftable:totem_of_undying

      And then the things in the video happened.

      I placed all of the ingredients into the crafting grid, then I took 1(or 2) totem of undying and all components duplicated. Also, you can stack totems if you put the 2-stack on another n-stack.

      Futhermore, I found out that totems can be picked up in stacks of 2.

      Almost all things listed before you can fing in the video on youtube that I posted.

      (I was chatting with a friend on Skype. Do not pay attention to it.)

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