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Repeat key when going into chat


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    • Minecraft 17w47a, Minecraft 17w48a
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    • Linux (Zorin OS 12), Java 1.8.0_151, ThinkPad x120e
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      Most of the time, when I try to go into the chat, it will put a "t" or a "/" when I press that respective default key, but it did not a few times out of the hundred or so times I used chat. I think it's because it polls the key either twice a frame or once after it enters chat and repeats the key it finds pressed. (I'm going with the first because it's most of the time, and it pops up the chat bar with that character.) Thank you for reading though, and I hope to make your game a little better .(In this case, a little less frustrating for me and anyone who has the same bug as me.)

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