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Multiplayer crash and realms doesn't work anymore


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    • Minecraft 17w47a
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    • Operating System *Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit*
      Java Version *Java 8 update 151*
      Minecraft Launcher Version *2.0.1003*
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      I start the launcher and I choose the snap 17w47a. Up to here there are no problems. I downloaded the version as soon as released and I created a world and I played it. Today, after three hours that I downloaded the snapshot, I wanted to try the multiplayer (now, I didn't want to play the multiplayer but I wanted to see if everything is ok and, if this don't happening , I knew that I had to write down the problem I had discovered). This is happened. I Entered in the main screen of minecraft and I clicked on Multiplayer. Immediately the game crashed with the error report. I tried again but the result was the same. I know I can't play on the snapshot but I want to report this bug. I hope this description is useful and I hope in an answer.

      P.S. : I can't attach you a photo because I'm italian and the crash error is in italian too

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