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Many commands break on unquoted special characters, quoting support inconsistent



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      What's wrong:

      Many command arguments now only allow the same characters as unquoted NBT strings (a-zA-Z0-9._+-). For example,

      /scoreboard objectives add custom:name dummy

      is now an error.

      Some commands allow you to put double quotes around the argument to fix this. For example,

      /clear "A\"A"

      attempts to clear all items from the player A"A.
      Other commands do not; that scoreboard command, for example, is unfixable.
      Still others have no issue with special characters, treating them just like any other character.

      This behavior is very inconsistent:

      /ban "A\"A"

      bans the player "A\"A", but

      /ban-ip "A\"A"

      throws a parsing error.

      I have identified three main ways that commands handle special characters:

      • Broken: If the argument contains any characters that would not be allowed in an unquoted NBT string (allowed: a-zA-Z0-9._+-) parsing fails, usually with an error about trailing data before the invalid character.
      • Quotable: If the argument starts with ", it is parsed as a quoted string. Otherwise, it behaves like a Broken argument.
      • Ignored: All characters are allowed (with the possible exception of spaces ending the argument), and none are parsed specially.

      These are used with no consistent pattern; player names, for example, are treated in all three ways by different commands.

      What should happen:

      Arguments that actually want to restrict their valid characters should display a clearer error message than "found trailing data". Additionally, the ability or lack of ability to quote arguments should be consistent between commands. I personally think that player names, objective names, team names, and tag names should always be quotable, mainly for the ability to use spaces in them.




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