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Beds no longer craft with different colored wool as before.



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.12.1
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      This is a crafting issue. After traveling 300 blocks to procuring three pieces of wool the first day of play, in a new Survival world, (I do not often start a new world, the last time was 1.8) I found that if the three pieces are of different colors... they will not craft ANY bed, of ANY color??!! Because the "World of Color" update introduced colored beds, and in the first night of the game a player should be happy sleeping on any color of bed?

      Are you kidding? Further investigation reveals doors work on the same principal. Doors I can understand more than beds. One could exploit a type of wood to produce a certain color door without mining/farming the full amount of trees required. However, wool is something you have to kill for on the first day most of the time, and getting three sheep of the same color is often not possible the way sheep tend to spawn. Before beds were made to come in colors, Wool of ANY COLOR gave you a RED BED!

      So the game tactics will change as a result. Stay underground till you have full iron and shears. FIX THIS, so I do not have to give myself a bed in creative to by-pass a more than silly oversight of the game. I do not like having to append the game for a lack of common sense which was actually present in a previous version.




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