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Crashes after few seconds of world loaded


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    • Minecraft 1.12
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    • Windows 8 PC
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      I launch Minecraft (No Mods) and play single player. When I join my world, it loads up and I can play just fine until after about 15 seconds the screen freezes and the music keeps going. I close the tab and the launcher tells me that the game has crashed. I have tried running MC as administrator and it still has not worked as well was uninstalled and re-installed but the problem still occurs. The last time I can remember successfully running MC I was on a plane coming from China to Canada (I'm not sure if this is relevant). I recorded the Debugger twice and this is what is gave me:

      #1 (URL): http://paste.ubuntu.com/24982969/

      #2 (URL): http://paste.ubuntu.com/24983095/

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