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summoned_entity trigger doesn't work with items creating entities on use


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      The bug

      Using the minecraft:summoned_entity trigger in an advancement doesn't account for a bunch of entities a player can create directly via placing of an item:

      1. minecraft:armor_stand
      2. minecraft:painting
      3. minecraft:minecart
      4. minecraft:boat
      5. minecraft:lead
      6. minecraft:fireworks/minecraft:fireworks_rocket

      (also, it won't work for spawn_eggs, but this might be different issue).

      How to reproduce

      1. Download the attached data pack datapack_MC-117900.zip and place it in the datapacks directory of your world folder
      2. Open the world
      3. Place an armor stand
        The advancement is not made
      4. Place two snow blocks and a pumpkin on top of each other to spawn a snow golem
        The advancement is made

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