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Crashes or freezes few seconds after loading a world or server. Also chunk glitches and a blinking that may be a lighting error.


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    • Minecraft 1.11.2
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    • Windows 8.1, Java 8 update 131
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      My game consistently crashes a few seconds after loading in every minecraft version from 1.10 until 1.11.2. The game will load and appear to be okay, but if I look around there are very obvious glitches occurring. There are often missing chunks that will not load. There's this blinking that occurs as well. I haven't pinned down what exactly it is as I only have a few seconds to look around before my game crashes or freezes forever until I forcibly close it. When I spawned in a plains biome, it appeared as though the grass was blinking in and out of existence. It might have also been some kind of lighting glitch, however. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, creating different worlds with different settings, giving the game more RAM to work with (my computer only has 4 RAM so the most I tried was 3). I included some general screenshots. The 3 in-game ones were from 3 different tries as the game kept crashing, but I tried to get a screen shot of the same general area every time. The weeds (dead bushes?) were blinking in and out of existence and the areas circled in red on one of the screenshots were also blinking in and out of existence. The same chunk was missing every time. I just updated Java earlier today, and when I did so the Java website told me that I did have an outdated version of Java, but the problem has persisted. Minecraft 1.9.4 and earlier appear to work fine. I thought it might be an issue of my computer not being able to handle the game, so I got Optifine and turned off literally everything I could and changed everything to Fast rather than Fancy. My computer is able to run other large games with few issues (Ex. Sims 3 with about 20 expansions), so I'm not sure what the issue is. I don't know how to find crash reports on the new launcher and can't find a solution online, so if you could tell me how to do that I could also add a crash report.

      It's worth saying that my game used to work perfectly. Up until 1.10 my Minecraft worked fine with no issues. I don't use any mods, but I sometimes use Resource Packs (usually Sphax) and sometimes Optifine.


      I checked the Minecraft system requirements as well. These are what I have on my computer:
      CPU: Intel Core i3 (Recommended)
      GPU: Intel HD Graphics (Minimum)
      Ram: Total installed is 4GB, giving MC three had no effect.
      HDD: Not sure yet, haven't quite found it but will update when I do.
      Java: Updated

      Minecraft 1.9 is no longer working. It is displaying the exact same issues and immediately crashes upon loading the world.

      For sure affects Creative and Survival modes.

      Any help you can provide is appreciated.

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