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/execute detect attribute will not work in 1.12 pre-2


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      I'm playing in Minecraft SnapShot 1.12 pre 2 and the /execute commands detect attribute will not work.

      In one example. I'm trying to give Zombies a wither effect in they stand over coarse dirt here is the command:
      /execute @e[type=zombie] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ dirt 1 /effect @e[type=zombie,r=0] wither 10 15 true

      I eventually simply changed it to:
      /execute @e[type=zombie] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ dirt -1 /effect @e[type=zombie,r=1] wither 10 15 true

      Which still should work. But it didn't.

      I've also gone on some of my other worlds that have working /execute-detect commands and none of those commands worked anymore either.

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