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Minecraft skin/avaitar disappear and still in 3rd Person



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 17w17b
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      Using Windows 10
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      When trying to take a Minecraft selfie, (a screenshot of my front side), I noticed that when my head went down, the front side of my skin would disappear. At some angles the front side would show up but failed to stay when I looked down to get a view of the sky.
      I also noticed in my little "photoshoot" (if you would call it that) that when shooting a bow in the left hand, the left hand would keep the Bow down and arrows would come out of no where. (Also when I switched to back view doing this, arrows come out my back, go threw my body and hit what ever.) On a side note when I tried using my left hand to use the sword, or any tool nothing would happen.

      All though it did look cool holding my swords the back hand style. [(Could we get that in Minecraft? I think that would be cool, especially if colored concreate swords were added.) (Concreate slabs, bricks, and stairs, would also be cool along with walls that are not cobble or moss.)]

      Thank you, for reading and checking this out. I know it was quite a bit.


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