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Shulker Magneta Color [17w16b] + Boat glitch


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    • Minecraft 17w16b
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    • Shulker spawn egg in creative mode will spawn shulker with magneta color. I also found boat glitch.
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      As you can see on picture, I spawned magneta shulker instead of purple. I don´t know if is this part of The Colorful update. On picture you can also see shulker boat glitch: If you will move boat towards shulker, shulker will jump into boat. Also, if shulker will try to attack in boat, he won´t shoot shulker bullet, or he won´t attack [sometimes he will]. And if you will stand on shulker while shulker is attacking in boat, you will glitch in shulker, as you can see at image. That´s all about shulkers, see you at boat bug xD

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