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Bonemeal drops to the floor at crafting table



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 17w15a
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      Windows 7-64 bit
      Java 1.8.0_25 64 bit
      8GB RAM
      4x Intel Core i5-3210, 2.5GHz
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      The new "return to inventory" feature seems to fail when a full stack of bonemeal is placed in the crafting grid. I am not sure if this affects any other dyes, as I only tried it with bonemeal, but here's my process:

      -Surround the grid with items to dye (I have made both white concrete powder and white stained clay and gotten this for both)
      -Place the full stack of bonemeal in the center
      -Shift and left-click to craft all items
      -Press E to exit the crafting table
      -Remaining bonemeal gets tossed onto the floor

      Sometimes this will even happen if I don't craft anything... just placing the bonemeal in the center and exiting out will spit it out onto the floor. This does not appear to happen with any other item I have tried though.

      EDIT: It happens no matter what spot I place it in, not just the center. Also, it happens on both the 3x3 crafting table grid and the 2x2 inventory grid.

      EDIT 2: This only appears to happen when there is more bonemeal in the inventory. Even a single piece will do. If the full stack is the only bonemeal the player is carrying, the bug doesn't happen. However, if the player is carrying a full stack and 1 extra piece, it will happen.

      EDIT 3: OK so after determining the factor that makes it happen (in my Edit 2), I have discovered that it happens with any block. I'm guessing that this has already been found, though I don't see it listed.


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