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Switching between uncraftable & craftable recipes results in multiple source items


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    • Minecraft 17w14a
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    • Windows 7 professional 32bit, Java runtime included with Minecraft.
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      When opening the recipe book you'll often come across recipes which you can and cannot make (colored in red). If you click on a recipe you can make, then click on a recipe you cannot make (colored red) and then back again on a recipe you can make it will use multiple source items without having pressed shift.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • /give @p log 32
      • The recipe for planks should show up, as well as the recipe for a crafting table (and others).
      • Click on the recipe of the planks, it shows 1 log to 4 planks.
      • Click on an uncraftable recipe, for example the crafting table.
      • Click on the recipe for planks again, this will now most likely use 2 or more logs as source while the result (planks) never show.

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