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Game crashes upon attempting to launch (exit code -1073740791)


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    • Minecraft 1.11.2
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    • OS=Windows 10
      Java Version= 8 Ver 121
      Graphics Card= GeForce 940M
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      For quite a long time now I have been unable to run Minecraft on my Thinkpad Yoga 14 laptop. Whenever I hit play in the launcher, It crashed with the exit code -1073740791. I am unsure as to what could be causing this. My nVidia graphics drivers are up to date, as is Java. I am able to play with no issue on my PC with Windows 10, Java 8 ver 121 and a GTX 970 graphics card. I have attempted to find the issue on google and have found no solutions. Do you have any idea what the cause could be? I have included the most recent log files on my laptop.
      Thank you,
      Ed Marrs

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