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Hopper issue with brewing stands



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    • Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 17w06a
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      Another bug report to bring up the issue of hoppers feeding a brewing stand. A hopper that is placed on the side of a brewing stand with the intent of feeding it with blaze powder, or water bottles, will only feed the respective items once before breaking following this condition.

      If a hopper is placed below a brewing stand to remove bottles/potions, that same hopper can no longer receive water bottles/powder from side hoppers. Breaking the brewing stand, and placing it down again, "resets" the brewing stand. Of course however, it breaks again after another cycle.

      This is EXTREMELY problematic as you might imagine. Automated potion brewing systems have been completely broken due to this bug. The bug itself is very easy to reproduce.

      1. Place a brewing stand on top of a hopper feeding into a chest, or another hopper.

      2. Place one or more hoppers attached to the SIDE of the brewing stand, and begin feeding through water bottles/blaze powder.

      3. You will see the brewing stand successfully get fed the bottles/powder, but once the bottles cycle through the bottom hopper it no longer works.

      The stand will no longer pull through anymore bottles, or blaze powder once the stack it is pulling is finished. Say for example it is pulling a full stack of 64 powder. It will continue pulling that full stack despite the water bottles no longer feeding through, but it will not pull anymore powder after the stack finishes feeding through.


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