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Game ended with bad state (exit code -1073740791)


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    • Minecraft 1.11.2
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    • Windows 10 Home
      Java 8 Update 121 (64-bit)
      AMD FX-8350 Eight Core
      16 GB RAM
      GeForce Game Ready Driver Version: 378.66
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      Game crashes on startup. I have tried several different packs.
      I have uninstalled all versions of JAVA, rebooted, Installed the latest JAVA, rebooted again. -Did not Work.
      I have updated my graphics drivers, rebooted. -Did not work.
      I have set full screen to false. -Did not work.
      I have completely deleted the Minecraft folder and reinstalled Minecraft. -Did not work.
      I have tried several different Modpacks that use different MC versions and I have tried Vanilla. -Did not work.
      I checked to make sure executable was directed to correct JAVA launcher. -Did not work.

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