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Shulkers do not stop particles



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      As seen on the picture, shulkers do not stop particles from going upwards, while blocks do.

      Why I think this is an issue and it should be fixed

      While it is not a major issue with the game itself, it is still a minor bug. Bugs are supposed to be fixed, even if they are really minor. It might be an issue with how particles interact with hitboxes, therefore it could be a slightly bigger issue which might come out in a bigger form in future versions is something is added. For people with OCD it might be insulting to see this happening as well. Also for decoration purposes it would be cool, as I found this bug out while decorating.

      How I found out about it

      I wanted to build with the end portal texture on my server, as that texture is special, and I wanted to stop the particles coming from it, so I thought about moving a shulker just above it. It might not work even when this bug is fixed though.




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