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Sticky-piston Duplicator


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    • Minecraft 1.11.2
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    • Windows 10, Intel i5 6th gen, unknown Java, GTX 970
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      3x3 slime block bridge (Retractable by sticky pistons) (Most likely facing north) with noteblocks as immobile objects.
      Error with repeater timings (Spammed lever before finding)
      Still did not work.
      Removed top layer of noteblocks (Basic layout images will be uploaded)
      Found two ghost sticky-pistons made and blocked to real pistons which were moved by the slimeblocks and center sticky-piston.
      Was in a singleplayer world (not opened to LAN) and on the 'Redstone Ready' superflat preset.
      I have revised the drawbridge and unfortunately destroyed the errored model in the process of doing so.

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