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Right clicking blocks and entities on a server sends 2 right click packets instead of one, with the exception of villagers


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    • Minecraft 1.11.2
    • *Java:* 1.8.0_51 64bit
      *cpu:* i7-4790k
      *os:* Windows 10

      *Mouse condition:* Very good (not broken or old)
      *Server:* Running on a dedicated host near me (~65ms ping|20 tps)
      *Internet connection:* 124mbps/12mbps (down/up)
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      When on a server, if the client performs a right click to interact with an entity or block the client is sending two click packets to the server, resulting in double the expected returns.

      Even though this does effect entities, it doesn't increase the count of the stat.talkedToVillager objective.

      I made sure to include my mouse/connection conditions in the Environment area above.

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