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Mending Bow + Infinity Book = Mending (only) Bow. Other methods work normally.


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      Saw this in the Xisumavoid video, he listed it as an intentional change. If so, it's worked around extremely easily.

      Here's the tests done:
      Bow+Mending=Mending Bow
      Bow+Infinity=Infinity Bow

      Infinity Bow+Mending=Infinity+Mending Bow
      Infinity Bow+Mending Bow= Infinity+Mending Bow

      Mending Bow+Infinity Bow = Mending Bow
      Mending Bow+Infinity = Mending Bow
      Mending Bow+(Power/Unbreaking/Binding/Vanishing/Flame/Punch)= Mending+Other Enchantment Bow
      Mending+Other Enchantment Bow+Infinity=Mending+Other Enchantment Bow
      Mending+Other Enchantment Bow+Infinity Bow=Mending+Other Enchantment Bow

      In conclusion, Mending specifically excludes Infinity if it is present in the First slot of the Anvil, but will allow the combination if it is the second slot. Easily worked around if this is intentional, definitely a bug if not intentional.

      (First Bug report, hope it's formatted effectively)

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